Artificial intelligence - the future of marketing

Masterclasses for your marketing department

Bookable in-house:
Workshops individually tailored to your needs in-house or offsite: Your employees get an overview of the benefits and barriers of AI, learn how to use AI easily, and jointly develop meaningful areas of application for your specific marketing challenges.

AI Masterclass Silver

Impulse lecture: 

Importance and use of AI in marketing 

Practical tips for daily use

AI Masterclass Gold

Everything from Silver 
10 AI Best Practice Cases
KI Team Readyness Check

AI Masterclass Platinum

Everything from Silver & Gold
In-house workshop for the development of own first AI application areas

Results of the latest study 2023 AI in marketing

Are you an AI optimist or an AI skeptic? Take the KI Typomat test: 6 questions, 3 minutes. Free of charge ... and anonymous

The AI Typomat for the whole team

Check the readiness in your marketing team to use Artificial Intelligence; Anonymously, easily and in comparison to other companies. What is the percentage of AI skeptics on the team? How ready is your department for new technologies? How do you invest in digitization?

  • Questionnaire with 6 questions about attitudes
  • Validated by AI questionnaire (approx. 200 items)
  • Presentation of results anonymized and including recommendations for the use of AI in marketing in your team

Learn about AI

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Keynote Insights

Claudia Bünte knows how to present digitalization, AI, and economic topics in a tangible way.

Keynotes in GERMAN and ENGLISH

Talk at ADC Conference, "Is this AI or can I through it away?"

This presentation from the ADC conference is about how China is turning advertising upside down and what we in Europe can learn from it.

Iversity Course: Al in Marketing - ENGLISH

This Espresso course explains in 10 short units the use of AI in marketing, shows digital tools that work and gives tips on how to use the new tool effectively. Click here for the english course

AI Literature

Want more? More info, more knowledge? As a book or e-book? Here you go.

Generative AI for Businesses

Strategies, Tools, and Best Practices for Successful Integration

  • Practical knowledge transfer
  • Selected success stories
  • Templates and guidelines

This is How Digital Marketing Goes

Tools, Tips, and Trends for Practice

This book offers you a comprehensive and practical guide to understanding the world of digital marketing. An indispensable manual for marketing experts, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of digital marketing.

The practical book - already in its second edition

AI – the future of marketing

  • Current importance of AI for marketing
  • Impact and obstacles to the successful use of AI
  • How to make your first AI pilot a success: a three-step guide
  • Successfully use AI without having to code yourself with these tools

Digitization Made in China

  • Relevance of digital transformation and AI for business
  • Dynamics of China’s digitalization
  • Data protection in China and Europe
  • Role of innovation and creativity, SuperApps, platform ecosystems, mobile payments and livestreaming for growth, commerce and marketing in China.
  • Development and examples of New Retail and New Marketing in China
  • 22 Expert interviews in the book and QR code to the film interviews
  • Service section: Briefly explained: the 13 most frequently searched terms on digitization and AI 

The Chinese AI Revolution

China is investing massively in artificial intelligence, which has given it an impressive leadership role in the global economy. Anyone who wants to prepare for the digital future should look there today … or in the new book by Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte: The following topics and many more are then presented in a clear and practical way:

  • Why China could soon be the world leader in artificial intelligence
  • Why platform ecosystems and digital pay capabilities are changing everything
  • The new marketing: changing consumer behavior drives transformation
  • 20 practical tips: Here’s how we in the West should prepare for the digital revolution